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How To Choose An Event Catering Supplier

As an event caterer, one of your challenges could be how to source foods and equipment for your various events. The primary objective of your business should be to satisfy your clients. However, this could be quite hectic when you have to deal with tens of suppliers for each event. Event catering suppliers are an instant solution to this predicament. They are a one-stop-shop for all your catering supplies. Given that there are many event catering suppliers on the market, read this extract for intricate details on how to vet your supplier. 

Who Are Your Current Clients? 

One of your concerns should be whether you are in the same line of business as the supplier. For instance, if you specialise in kids parties, you would want a supplier who has a sufficient supply of kids-related foods, snacks and drinks. Do not shy away from communicating with some of the supplier's clients to determine their strong and weak points. Remember, some people could give biased reviews. Therefore, you must be open-minded when examining these reviews. 

Where Do You Source Your Products?

The best way to please clients is by providing fresh foods regardless of the season. Therefore, ask the supplier where they source their foods. Your business practices will play a significant role in determining the supplier's suitability. For example, if you market your business as one that serves sustainably sourced foods, you should ensure that the supplier can provide such foods. Ideally, the supplier should have extensive networks that enable them to offer quality foods throughout.  

How Do You Deal With Emergencies? 

In some cases, you will have an emergency. For example, take a situation where your clients make a last-minute request, or your client invited more guests than you initially discussed. Therefore, you need a supplier who can make emergency deliveries. Ideally, the supplier should be based within your area. Besides, they must have sufficient inventory. 

What Are Your Terms? 

Ask the event catering supplier to provide you with their engagement contract. It will give intricate details on the supplier's terms and conditions. For example, you should check if they provide guarantees on their products. Such a clause will protect you if the supplier delivers low-quality products. Additionally, check if the supplier offers complimentary services such as transport and offloading. You should also check the pricing policy to establish when they expect payments. 

When hiring an event catering supplier, inquire about their clientele, where they source their products, how they deal with emergencies and their terms.