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Ideas for a tomboy's sweet sixteen party

The day that your daughter turns sixteen is a true milestone. It signals a step away from childhood and a step towards the responsibility of adulthood. Many girls choose to celebrate this important birthday with a sweet sixteen party. These parties are typically loaded up with prom style dresses, cupcakes, and dancing. But what if your daughter isn't a girly girl? If your teenager is more of a tomboy, this doesn't necessarily mean that she wouldn't want a sweet sixteen party; you just have to think of how you could make the party play into her interests and her style. Here are a few ideas:

-    Camping party. Who says that a sweet sixteen has to be in a hired space with dancing anyway? If your daughter is the outdoorsy type, then just move the party outdoors. A great way of doing this is by having overnight camping in your back garden. You can create typical camping treats such as roasting marshmallows on the campfire, which no teenager can resist, and you can have fun with activities like a scavenger hunt in the garden (think of cool prizes that teenagers would like such as clothing vouchers) and by telling ghost stories around the fire.

-    Spit roast catering. The food at any party can make or break its success, and a sweet sixteen party is no different. At sweet sixteens, you would typically find delicate sandwiches, pretty cupcakes, and mocktails, but if your daughter is a tomboy, she's probably not going to be into that. Why not make things more exciting by having a pork spit roast? The food will be delicious, of course, and it will be something totally different that none of her friends would have even thought about. If you're looking for a spit roast catering company, check out one like Victorian Golden Roast.

-    Rock and roll party. Not all teenagers want to bop their heads to the latest chart hits, and if your kid is a real music fanatic, she might want to experience a real sense of rock and roll at her sweet sixteen party. Of course, the best way of injecting some rock energy into a party is by hiring a live band. Or perhaps you could let your daughter take control of the decks for a portion of the party so that she can spin the records that she loves the most.

These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are limitless. The key to creating an unforgettable party for a tomboy is to take actually talk to her about what she wants so that she has the best time.