Simple tastes for a simple man

Adding Drama and Flair to Your Next Event Through Catering Services

While people are often looking for food service to blend into the background for many occasions, sometimes you may want to make a statement. The right type of catering can add to the ambience and become part of the event's entertainment. Here are some ideas for fun catering. 

Wok and Noodle Bars

The process of stir-frying, including chopping meat and vegetables, rapid stirring and adding boiling water to create a blanched effect, can be a very entertaining spectacle if done right. It's a great way to allow people to create their own menu by choosing the ingredients and getting chefs to make it in front of them. While stir-frying is a great spectacle, with flames and billowing steam, it's not the most efficient way to make a large volume of food, so be sure to also have pre-prepared food nearby to keep the patrons well fed. Having some snacks nearby can make waiting in a queue for food much more bearable. 

Crushed Ice or Kee Chang

Another fun dessert is crushed ices or kee chang, as it is commonly known in Asia. You can add a range of syrups to flavour the ice and colourful toppings like chocolate chips, nuts and chopped fruit, such as strawberries. It can be fun to have an ice carving alongside the crushed ice bar. However, in all likelihood, you won't generate enough ice chips from the ice carving to make all the dessert you need, so you'll also need to have a supply of other crushed ices. It can be a great idea to have some creamy syrups, such as coconut milk, for people who prefer richer treats. 

Cocktail Bars

While many cocktails can be made with simple mixers and spirits, it can be fun to have some cocktails with some more elaborate production techniques or ingredients. Fun ideas can include cocktails cooled with liquid nitrogen for an unusual cloud of steam or cocktails served in unusual containers from beakers to vintage tea cups. Professional mixologists are used to putting on a show and can help turn mixing even a simple cocktail into performance art. 

Elevating your catering to a new level with some cool dishes and drinks is a great way to make sure your next event is truly memorable. If you want to try something a little unique for your catering with your next event then you should contact a professional catering service to brainstorm some ideas for visually interesting food that can be prepared on site.