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Event Catering | 3 Creative Tips To Plan A Smart Party Menu

If you're planning to throw a party in your home, chances are you'll want to hire an event catering company to reduce your burden of cooking and serving your guests. But planning a menu can be daunting when you don't know what you want. This guide offers resourceful tips to help you plan a smart party menu when you hire a catering service.

Consider Different Colours And Textures To Make An Impression

The power of vision can make an impact on the mind, so choose foods with different colours and textures to give the impression of a larger and more luxurious spread on the table. Contrasting colours and textures infuse an added dimension to the eating experience of your guests, so think of creamy, chunky and crunchy food with plenty of garnishes and colour boosters for visual appeal. For instance, foods like potato mash, stewed cauliflower and creamy pasta can seem one-dimensional because they are similar in appearance and texture. Instead, substitute this with foods of different colours and textures like red pasta and golden-brown cauliflower when serving potato mash.

Serve Fares Of Variable Temperatures For Added Diversity

You don't want to create a catering menu that is weak, especially if you're looking to excite your guests. The foods you serve should vary in temperature to add more versatility to your party menu. For instance, items like hot bakes, warm breads and cold salads are ideal choices to add diversity to your catering menu. When it comes to adding diversity, you'll also want to avoid serving the same type of food like lasagna and pasta. Instead, consider adding lasagna or pasta and a mediterranean salad to add another varied element to your menu.

Plan Assorted Flavour Combinations For Ubiquitous Appeal

When planning a catering menu for a party, keep in mind that all your guests have different palates and tastes, so a flavour that appeals to you may not appeal to someone else. Assorted flavour combinations means that you should have sweet dishes, sour dishes, salty dishes, spicy dishes and bitter dishes to resonate with different tastes. Guests are always going to have different tastes, so it makes sense to plan assorted flavour combinations for different dishes because they present ubiquitous appeal for any party.

If you're working with a catering service to plan the menu for your next party, consider these resourceful tips to ensure that you serve an extraordinary fare to your guests.