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Unusual Ways To Use Retail Tablets

Whilst tablets can be used as effective point of sale equipment, they are truly multi-functional.  Here are some surprising uses for the POS tablet you currently use in your food store that you might not have thought of.

Make a kiosk from your tablet

If you want to provide your customers with a digital portal through which they can browse and order end-of-line or out-of-stock items, why not employ your tablet? 

To do this, set up tablets on mounts at the head of aisles in your store to form mini sales kiosks.  You can also use the tablets to give customers access to product demos and user testimonials.  Tablets are also extremely useful in providing extra signage to draw attention to specific products.

In order to keep all your in-store tablets secure and protected, you'll need to limit access so that only the pages and functions desired can be used by shoppers.  To do this, you can use one of the many simple device lockers available, downloadable as an app.

Customer feedback

You can use your tablets to collect customer feedback on the service they have received whilst shopping in your stores.

To do this, you will need to train your till staff to ask shoppers for comment on their experience in your store via the tablet, while they are waiting to check-out.  This makes customers feel that their feedback is valued and also keeps them from making complaints via a public forum that could damage your business.

This technique can also be used where taste-testing stations for foodstuffs and recipe ideas are set up throughout the store.  Customers simply taste the product and then record their thoughts on a simple survey form loaded onto the tablet.  

Collecting customer data

Collecting customer data from their browsing and purchase habits can help you to use their preferences, shopping history etc to draw their attention to forthcoming promotions that they might be interested in.  This information can be collected and stored on in-store tablets.

Staff training

Tablets are a great staff training aid.  You can load product videos or demonstration procedures onto the tablets, providing staff with a useful instruction or refresher aid.

If you take the time to train your staff to use your in-store tablets, they can multi-task.  For example, staff using the tablets to record levels of stock could also interact with shoppers, answering questions or looking up product information for them.  This will make your customers' retail experience a smoother, more enjoyable one.

In conclusion

Tablets can be a whole lot more than just a convenient point of sale tool in your food store.  Use the tips above to help get the most from this versatile piece of technology.