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Two Reasons to Request Korean BBQ When Ordering Party Food From a Caterer

If the caterer whose food services you'll be using for your next party has asked you what food you want them to make for the event, you should request Korean BBQ. Read on to discover why this is the perfect type of food to serve at a party.

It allows for an extremely interactive and social dining experience

Unlike a standard buffet or a traditional three-course meal, a Korean barbecue will give your guests a highly interactive, social dining experience. This is because this type of meal consists of people being provided with a selection of marinated and chopped cuts of meat and vegetables (along with some Korean side dishes and sauces) that are cooked on a grill in front of them. This means that your guests will have full control over which meats are cooked and served first and which vegetables are cooked alongside each of the meats. They can also decide exactly how long the meat is grilled for.

Making these decisions as a group and then cooking and sharing the food from the grill will really encourage your guests to talk to one another, which might be worth doing if you're inviting people who do not know each other very well. In short, opting for this food service will give your guests the chance to enjoy all of the fun elements of cooking a meal with other people without having to do any of the laborious prep work.

It will satisfy all of your guests

One of the big worries that many people have when they host parties where they are expected to serve food is that their guests won't like the dishes that they are given. If you hate the thought of your guests either going hungry or eating the food you serve out of politeness rather than any desire to actually consume it, then you should definitely request a Korean barbecue from the catering service.

This is because a classic Korean feast of this kind will feature a multitude of different meats, each of which will be marinated in a different sauce, as well as several kinds of vegetables and a variety of dipping sauces (like ssamjang and gochujang). This means that irrespective of each guest's flavour preferences, they should be able to find a combination of the food on offer that they will love. Knowing this should relieve you of this worry, as it is virtually guaranteed that every guest will go home feeling satisfied and comfortably full.