Adding Drama and Flair to Your Next Event Through Catering Services

While people are often looking for food service to blend into the background for many occasions, sometimes you may want to make a statement. The right type of catering can add to the ambience and become part of the event's entertainment. Here are some ideas for fun catering.  Wok and Noodle Bars The process of stir-frying, including chopping meat and vegetables, rapid stirring and adding boiling water to create a blanched effect, can be a very entertaining spectacle if done right. [Read More]

A Beginner's Guide To Pairing Wine With Raw Oysters

Fine wine and oysters served on the half shell are a luxurious treat, but choose the wrong variety of wine and you risk overshadowing the delicate flavour of just-shucked oysters. So, how do you know what wines are up to the job of complementing fresh raw oysters? Crisp, clean whites are your safest bet, but lighter reds can work, too. Here's an overview of four types of wine that pair well with raw oysters: [Read More]

Ideas for a tomboy's sweet sixteen party

The day that your daughter turns sixteen is a true milestone. It signals a step away from childhood and a step towards the responsibility of adulthood. Many girls choose to celebrate this important birthday with a sweet sixteen party. These parties are typically loaded up with prom style dresses, cupcakes, and dancing. But what if your daughter isn't a girly girl? If your teenager is more of a tomboy, this doesn't necessarily mean that she wouldn't want a sweet sixteen party; you just have to think of how you could make the party play into her interests and her style. [Read More]